Comprehensive pregnancy to postpartum services

    Comprehensive pregnancy to postpartum services


Finding out you are expecting is very exciting but can sometimes bring special concerns.  When you are the one having the baby, everything looks different and can sometimes become very confusing.  In order to assuage your concerns, Lauren can tailor a program just for your family. 

Comprehensive coverage of your pregnancy and early postpartum period begins in your first trimester and continues through the nesting period until your baby is three months old.  Regular visits, phone and email contact is maintained and all your questions and issues are addressed.

Lauren will help you decide exactly what is right for your pregnancy, delivery and newborn by offering experience, examples, education, advice, and referrals.


Services include:


  •  Nutritional counseling during pregnancy
  •  Understanding prenatal testing
  •  Relaxation and visualization to improve sleep
  •  Tips to alleviate pregnancy discomfort
  •  Tutoring for Childbirth Preparation
  •  Choosing your care provider and birth location
  •  Doula selection
  •  Preparation for breastfeeding
  •  Equipping the nursery
  •  Emotional support throughout the pregnancy
  •  Practical instruction with your newborn
  •  Tips for parenting

Due to the intense commitment required for the comprehensive services, only a select number of clients will be accepted each year.  There is a fee equal to $250.00 a week for this service but details and fees will be considered on an individual basis.  A free 30 minute consultation will help you decide about your need for this special service.  Please call 914-472-7658 now for more information on this specialized service. 







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