Curriculum Vitae




Associate of Arts Degree- Cape Cod Comm. College 


B.A. Degree- University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

April 1994

Certified as Childbirth Educator by Childbirth Education Association of Metro New York 

August 1994

Certified as Childbirth Educator by Childbirth Education Association of Westchester/Putnam

Professional Experience:

July, 1987-August, 1999

Professional Labor Support Doula 


Teach Parenting Classes 


VBAC Instructor –Private Classes 


Labor Assistant to Virginia Jackson, CNM 


Childbirth Education Instructor 


Professional Postpartum Doula


Postpartum Doula for The Tenth Month 


Managing Director of The Tenth Month


Vice President Hudson Valley Birth Network

Sept. 2010-present

Local Childcare Coordinator for Cultural Care AU Pair

Continuing Education:


Completed Course in “STEP” Parenting 


Labor Support/Midwifery Study Group 


March Of Dimes “Networking Resources-A Recipe for Improved Perinatal Outcome” 

April 1991

“Very Beautiful and Courageous—Helping Couples Achieve Natural Childbirth After Cesarean” 

May 1993

W/P/R Lactation Con.: Breastfeeding Update ‘93 

May 1993

March of Dimes: Selected Drugs used During Labor And Delivery: Effects of the Fetus and Neonate 

Sept. 1993

Midwives of North America Annual Conference 

April 1996

The Art and Politics of Midwifery 

April 1997

American College of Nurse Midwives: Acupuncture and Herbs Workshop 

Feb. 1998

Lamaze International Birth Summit 

Oct. 1998

W/P/R Lactation Consortium: Breastfeeding Multiples 

May 1999

Lactation Consortium: Dr. Jack Newman 

Oct. 2000

Lamaze Int’l: “Pain: Coping with the Pain of Labor and Birth” Conference

Sept. 2001

ACNM Conference: Herbs and Homeopathy for the Childbearing year 

Oct. 2002

Lactation Consortium: AIDS and Breastfeeding 

Oct. 2003

ACNM Local Conference: Nutrition for the Childbearing Year 

Apr. 2005

Birth Partners: Body, Birth and Beyond

May 2006 

When Survivors Birth, Penny Simpkin Seminar

August 2006

AAA Defensive Driving Course

October 2006

Breastfeeding Update with Beth Shulman

July 2007

AAA Defensive Driving Course

September 2008

Breastfeeding And Beyond

October 2009

Issues Surrounding Postpartum Depression

May 2010

HVBN Cesarean Symposium

November 2010

Preventing Late Preterm Births and Unnecessary Cesarean Deliveries

Professional Organizations:


Cesarean Prevention Movement; Vice President, 1990 


Int’l Cesarean Awareness Network; President, 1992-1994 

April, 1994-present

International Childbirth Education Association 

Sept., 2003-present

DONA International; Professional Doula Association

Feb., 2005-present

Doula Network 

Jan. 2005-Jan 2007

Vice President of Hudson Valley Birth Network

Jan. 2005-present

Member of Hudson Valley Birth Network

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