“Hiring Lauren Taylor when I gave birth to my baby, Davey, was, without a doubt, the best move I made in those early days. She took charge of my laundry and groceries, was funny and kind, helped me figure out how to nurse the baby when he wouldn’t latch on, cooked us a spaghetti Bolognese (my stepsons still reminisce about), and was great company when I really needed it.”      Lisa Chase, Larchmont, NY

    “What a great childbirth class Lauren teaches! We learned with lots of visuals, which really helped commit the information to memory quickly. By the end of the course, I was ready for the big day. I felt equipped with all the important information I needed to feel comfortable and confident on delivery   day. What is amazing is that all my fears were extinguished with the education Lauren brought to us weekly. I went into the hospital calm and confident as if I had done this before-not! Imagine! So that’s what it did for me, the experience and the education were priceless.
“It was wonderful having Lauren come to my house and work with me caring for my newborn, Faith. I will always be grateful to Lauren. Thanks Lauren!”        
Marta Willett, South Salem, NY

    “Lauren has been a constant source of support, guidance, knowledge and wisdom for me in my career, even before we met in person. She has a special gift of sharing in her care that comes very naturally and is forever plentiful”   Nicole Commercio, Labor Doula    

    “Lauren helped me out so much after my twins, Amanda and Ruby, were born and I was really glad I took the VBAC class with Lauren before Alex was born.”              Liz Durnin, Scarsdale, NY  

     “Lauren was so helpful after the birth of my baby!  I was exhausted and didn’t have experience taking care of a newborn.  Lauren came in and prepared delicious meals for us, showed me how to bathe my baby, gave me tips on soothing her and encouraged me to relax. She also persuaded me to start walking out with my baby in a sling as soon as the weather got a little nicer, which I still do regularly, a year later.   She was very supportive of my breastfeeding, and it was great to have someone with her experience to share my concerns with. My husband and I still joke about how only Lauren can do certain things right…like filing my baby’s nails, which we still haven’t managed to do well by ourselves!”       Nalida Scherer, Dobbs Ferry, NY 

     “Lauren is amazing…when I had my first child, Spencer, she made life easy, if it can be easy with a newborn. She not only handled Spencer with such grace and care, she managed to take care of me also.  Then 13 months later I had my second child, Jennifer, and Lauren came back to work with us.  One of my concerns was how Spencer was going to get along with his new sister.  Once again Lauren was unbelievable, she again took care of the newborn and me in addition to making sure that Spencer adjusted well to the newest addition.”                   Laura Pettee, Bronxville, NY

                   “I don’t know what I would have done without Lauren. She whisked in and took care of everything, the needs I had and the needs I didn’t know I had! And, on top of that, she is a baby whisperer! She helped me to understand my baby’s language and taught me as a new mother to respond as competently and confidently as she did. And have I mentioned her cooking? It was a welcome treat everyday that she worked with me. I might have more children just to use Lauren again!”                   Dr. Suzanne Lachmann, New Rochelle, NY

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