Rate Chart

Planning ahead to receive the help you need after your baby is born will provide you with the security of knowing that professional assistance is available. To insure this, I will review your Service Questionnaire and develop a contract outlining the timing and cost of the services required.

If your baby has already arrived, please call me to determine availability and rate.  No contract will be developed if less than two weeks remain before doula service begins.  Off calendar rates may apply.

Monthly Contracts: (2-5 days per week for 4 weeks)

4-hour day: $33/hr.-$48/hr.

8-hour day: $30/hr.-$45/hr.

Weekly Contracts: (2-5 days for 1-3 weeks)

4-hour day: $36/hr.-$51/hr.

8-hour day: $33/hr.-$48/hr.

No Contract: (Off Calendar Rates)

4-hour day: $58/hr.-$73/hr.

8-hour day: $56/hr.-$71/hr.


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